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mistavybe asked: Just curious after reading point number 4... What don't you like about your boobs? Do you want the surgery to get them reduced or enhanced?

well, I breast fed, so the boobs aren’t as full and perky as they were before.

I get no complaints but it’s just for my satisfaction lol

To all my African American mutuals







How do you feel about Latinos speaking in Ebonics and saying the N word?

I mean in New York really anything goes as long as you’re not white and we can sense that you’re down lol

Nah see…

A Latino will swear to the high holy heavens they aren’t black… but want every piece of our culture they can get.

Five random things about yourself then pass it along to ten of your favorite followers

I got tagged by my bestie boo dijpoetess and my new friend mistavybe

sooooo here we go lol

1. I’m obsessed with hgtv. anything that’s pertaining to a house I can watch it ALL day lol

2. I enjoy being alone probably way too much. it’s so damn refreshing.

3. when I’m sleeping alone I fall asleep watching YouTube nightly. usually to one channel specifically

4. I despise my boobs. like seriously I’m getting a boob job at some point 😔 lol

5. I’m a worry-wort. I try not to be, especially when it comes to my daughter. I’m working on it lol

ok soooo idk if im tagging 10 but it’ll be some of my fave blogs

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